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Probably my favorite series this year (so far).  Here’s hoping season 2 is just as good!

#inktober 16 neh.

White Queen by Kristafer Anka

Tonight I watched American Beauty and made chocolate pumpkin muffins. On the drive home I was thinking a lot about mortality and how everything could just be over in an instant.  A semi truck almost ran me into a wall because he was trying to dodge a couple water barriers in the middle of the freeway. No one was hurt. I got home and gave roux a hug for longer than she cared for and had another pumpkin muffin. Pumpkin muffins are good, man.

#PowerPack is done! I don’t think it will be too long before we see these guys in the big screen by Marvel. Just guessing! #inktober #kuretakeinktober

Hands are hard to draw.. #inktober #day17


Having a Brady moment today. #Marcia