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My personal blog, I post art stuff from blogs I follow and tags, I also post my own art as well.


Marisol’s turnaround. I love how it came out, especially how her orchid pops against her hair.

when i arrived on the job in Glendale in 2007, my office was literally an empty room. two desks, no computer, no drawing supplies. so when the production designer asked me to develop a treatment for the San Francisco set for a film in development, i had no choice but to bust out my personal sketchbook and pencils!

old painting. i think i had just seen a hulk movie and was disappointed or something.

this image went onto the cover of the art book Monsters vs Aliens (copyright Dreamworks Animation 2009). i remember being happy with this piece when i finished it, but looking back on it now is causing me to cringe. i didn’t get a credit in the book for the cover art, so we will just post it here and call it a wrap.

sketch trade with michysoong​ shes going to clean/colour it!

Sketch-A-Day: 109

Speeeeed :D

I did a quick poster thing for my film! I’ll post it sometime in May :)

Elektra by Frank Miller

Iron Man

Vidia sketch from my livestream. 

"W.W. My Star, My Perfect Silence." Theres this new show called breaking bad. I think i like it